C Programming - zero to hero


    01 Month


    10 hours

  • FEE


Week 1: Programming basics, computer basics, c programming basics
  • Statically typed languages, compilers and compilation steps
  • Basic data types along with important new additions
  • Decision making - conditional and if-else
  • Loops- while, do-while and for with problem solving
Week 2: Procedural programming
  • Basics for arrays - creation, indexing
  • Solving problems using arrays
  • Strings in C
  • Problems related to strings and arrays
  • Nested loops
Week 3: Functional programming
  • Thinking in Functional Programming
  • Basics of functions and understaning scope
  • Solving problems using functions
  • Popular functions in standard library
Week 4: Pointers, structures, unions, files
  • Understanding addresses and importance of pointers, usage
  • Passing pointers to functions
  • Strings, arrays and pointers
  • Custom data types using struct and union
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Modular programming, file handling

About Course

C programming language is one of the oldest yet widely used languages in the software industry. This course, targeted at beginners, lays down strong computer science fundamentals and algorithmic thinking foundations through C programming.

C programming language is a low level language which is extremely powerful and versatile. This course is targeted towards absolute beginner with no background in programming. One of the main advantages of this course is that students are able to understand how computers and computer languages work. This course clearly shows how memory allocations and access are done and also how a compiler works. This course also stimulates logical thinking in students which is a must to solve any problem in software.


  • No prior programming knowledge is needed
  • Laptop is preferred, Computer is a must
  • Strong urge to learn

How to Apply

  • Please call us or whatsapp to the above mentioned number

Refund policy

  • First two classes are free and offered as demo classes
  • After the first two classes, 50% fees has to be paid
  • Full fees needs to be paid within 10 days of the beginning of the course
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded
Chandan Anand Purohit

Chandan Anand Purohit

BE, RVCE Bangalore, MTech KLETECH Hubli, worked as Software Engineer in Sasken Communication for 1 year, worked for 4 years as Assistant Professor in KLEIT, Hubli. Currently, founder and CEO of Sathvik Softech, CTO of Samarth Meditech Pvt. Ltd.

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